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League info

Bad Girls Golf Club has a Spring and Fall League that lasts 8 weeks.  Our league has players of many levels of play.  In order to be a member you need to have a working knowledge of the game, able to keep the pace of play going and most importantly have fun while out there.  We usually have about 70 - 90 players each season and about 175 who are members of our Facebook page and play occasionally.  In the next paragraph are our on the course rules.

individual rules

Each round shall consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 players. One person will keep score for the entire round. Scores shall be dded and approved by another player in

foursome by signature. Best round scores are to be entered on the master score

sheet in the Pro Shop. Example: this week you score a 5 on hole 1 & last week you

scored a 7. You erase the 7 and replace it with the 5 because that is your best score

on that hole.

Please leave your scorecard in the box where the master score sheet is.

In an effort to keep the pace of play up no one is to take a larger score than double

par on any hole. Be courteous of other players and play ready golf.

Out of bounds, etc. REMINDER: hazards require a stroke penalty.

#1: Right & Left fences are to be played as lateral hazards

#2: Driving range on the left is to be played as a lateral hazard

#4: Right fence is out of bounds, water hazards have a drop area to the left of hazard

#5: Fence is out of bounds, water hazard has a drop zone across the hazard

#6: Right side is out of bounds, Left is a lateral hazard, regular hazard has a drop zone

#7 Left driving range fence is a lateral hazard

#8 Fence over the green is to be played as a lateral hazard

#9 Right is out of bounds as marked by white stakes, left is a lateral hazard and is

considered an environmentally sensitive area so one can not play a ball from there

or go to retrieve it.


Some areas of the course are to be considered GUR. Most, but not all are marked.

Remember, you get free relief from any burrowing animal dens or debris. You can

ask your marshal or have him call for a ruling if you feel you are in an unmarked

area and entitled to relief.

On hole #9 some sprinkler heads are being used to designate out of bounds. Again,

if you need clarification talk to your marshal or ask one of the golf pros for a ruling.

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