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Below are a list of women golfers who provide good information on their sites and podcasts.  I have also compiled a list of places to purchase golf clothing for women.  Feel free to forward any you know & we will add them to the list.

Tips from Women Golfers

Tori Totlis Compete Confidence Golf

            She has some really great resources, puts on fantastic events and has a funny & interesting podcast called the “Housewives of Golf”


Kathy Hart Wood – Above Par

            Great podcasts & workshops


Lisa “Longball”  She has some great YouTube Videos too

            As an 8-Time Canadian Long Drive National Champion, she is an exciting, motivating and sought after Peak Performance Keynote Speaker.  She always gives actionable strategies to help Corporations and Individuals alike to stay at the top of their game and perform at the highest level, year after year.  Her passion ignites the room.

Links to Women's Golf Apparel & Accessories

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